Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying

At Family Chiropractic Center, the superior care we provide to our patients does not go unnoticed.  In the words of our clients:

I’m not going to mince words.

I adore Dr. Horan. I trust her with my entire family – from my 86-year-old mother to my two young children, one of whom Dr. Horan has adjusted since birth. And while Dr. Horan is not the first chiropractor my family has been to, she is – hands-down – the best one. Like so many things, what a patient gets out of a chiropractic experience depends not just on what the patient will put into it, in terms of life style changes, but what the chiropractor puts into it. And Dr. Horan gives her whole self – every single visit.

She is genuine, knowledgeable, passionate, great with small children – and older adults – and every one in between, including pregnant women. Every time I visit her I feel like she is going above and beyond what any doctor has ever done for me. Not only does she bring her expert knowledge, professional experience and skills as a doctor – but she brings a true passion to her work. She listens deeply, and she really takes the time – at every single visit – to cultivate a deep awareness of individual patient’s needs so that she can better help them effect real change – and true wellness – in their lives.

There is this saying that we cannot teach things that we do not embody ourselves – and Dr. Horan is a perfect example of this kind of true teacher and healer. She lives a holistic and healthy lifestyle herself — and because of that, the knowledge she is able to share with her patients comes not just from theories in books but from a place of personal experience. This makes her advice deeper, more meaningful, more powerful, more relevant, and she is better able to truly empower her patients to live a life of greater wellness because of it.

In 2012 my 6-year-old daughter was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with a rare life-threatening medical issue. Dr. Horan was there every step of the way for my family, on the phone and via text, helping us understand the information the doctors at the hospital were providing, helping us think of questions we needed to ask. She swooped in and helped hold my family in a time of extreme crisis. When we were terrified and muddled and confused, she helped us stay steady and find clarity even in the chaos. This is the kind of person and doctor she is.

And that was just one day of many that she has impacted our lives for the better.

From routine wellness exams to acupuncture for migraine headaches to my mom’s sciatica, she is there for it all. Every person in my family leaves her office feeling amazing – every single time we see her. When I think of her, I am filled with deep gratitude for her work and passion – and for all the ways she supports my family’s health and our journey toward wellness.

– Mary F.

Dr. Bridget has been adjusting me for 14 years! She is caring and effective in every diagnosis and adjustment she makes. I have never had a problem that she couldn’t fix!

She is such a phenomenal chiropractor that when I moved to CO, I haven’t been getting adjusted because no one does it like her!

I cannot imagine my visits home without including a visit to her and would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone and everyone that is looking for chiropractic care!

– Mandy B.

I began seeing Dr Bridget shortly after I got pregnant.

It was my first experience with Chiropractic Care I was pregnant and I had a lot of questions. From the start, her and Laura were willing to answer all of them by being very informative and overall patient with me to put my mind at ease. This is what initially made me feel comfortable and choose Family Chiropractic Care.

Then, upon meeting the Dr. I was yet again reassured that she would be a great asset to help my body be in its best condition to carry and deliver a child. She has always been confident, competent, friendly and caring. Not only did the adjustments help ease any discomforts I had, but she also helped me find better positions to sleep and sit in that would help take the pressure off of my joints and reduce any issues I might have.

She also helped to recommend safe and natural supplements to maintain and prepare my body for pregnancy and delivery. She did so upon my inquiries and never persuaded or pushed anything on me that I was not looking for. I have since learned that unfortunately, many chiropractors do that.

I feel blessed to have found such a great place to care for myself and my family and will continue to recommend them to all of my friends and family (and sometimes strangers.)

– Deanna

“I have been a patient of Dr. Bridget’s since 1999 when she treated me after hurting myself chasing after my then 2-year old….and I’ve never stopped seeking her treatment! She has helped me so much over the last 15 years, and one of biggest compliments I can pay her is that she truly cares about my well-being. I know that I can ask her any question, and she will give me her honest feedback. There have been times where I have had to see her multiple times in a month, and other times when I can just have my “maintenance” visits every 6 weeks, and her treatment is always the same – so helpful and caring. I could not imagine how I would feel if I didn’t have her in my life – she is my miracle worker!”

– Kristen M.

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